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mercredi 26 novembre 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! You celebrate it or you don't, it's part of your tradition or absolutely not, you can't avoid to think about how it started nicely with the Native Americans and about how it ended badly... whatever! I have all these thoughts but whatever!
I think that it is nice to have a day to be positive, together, thankful for everything good and not stressed out, tired, grumpy, etc.
I wish people wouldn't need a special day to be thanksful for the moon, the sun, flowers, beautiful colours, friendship, love, fairies and everything that makes life extraordinary. But, now and then, we turn into Grumpy and forget about the extraordinary. So yeah! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy special day full of positive thoughts!

For you, a picture I hope you will enjoy: Hope and The Jasmin Flower Tea:

4 commentaires:

papercages a dit…

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed visiting yours. Very nice. ~ tricia

Purple Cat a dit…

It was my pleasure!
keep in touch

La Delirante a dit…

I loved the pic :) I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving day too :)

Purple Cat a dit…

Thanks a lot! Keep in touch! XX PC